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The Reading Game

The Reading Game
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2012

Allsaid & Dunn LLC
4 +

This is a remarkable game - fun, fast-paced, and highly effective at helping kids learn to read. It consists of six illustrated storybooks, each of which is accompanied by a deck of cards containing the 30 words used in the book's story. Before opening a book, a series of 6 simple word-matching games is played with its corresponding deck during which the student becomes familiar with the book's words. Each game moves quickly, with a winner every few seconds. Only once the student can read all 30 words without hesitation is the book brought into play. The student then experiences the pride and sheer pleasure of successfully reading the story. The games within each deck, and the decks and books themselves, are used in a specified sequence that makes the process unfurl in a highly systematic way that feels utterly natural, leading to a pleasurable experience for both student and tutor. The stories themselves, while purposefully simple, are professionally written and highly entertaining. Excellent!