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Summer 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Books & Magazines

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Doodles Canine Coloring Fun Back to top
5-7 yrs
Brain Child

Doodles Canine Coloring Fun is more than just an excellent coloring book. What sets it apart are the compelling fun facts that accompany each of the 34 full-page coloring activities and several great educational activities that appear towards the end of the book. Each illustration displays a particular breed (Basset Hound, Dalmatian, Poodle, . . .) and is accompanied by an entertaining fun fact. Those wide-ranging facts a...Read more

TABITHA MARION EVELYN (Tabby Toodles) - A Book of Opposites Back to top

This charming book delights readers with its exuberant illustrations, engagingly playful storyline and, most of all, with its loving depiction of the title character, a sweet, headstrong child named Tabitha Marion Evelyn. The writing is top-notch, with deeply satisfying rhymes and a natural-feeling rhythmic flow that effortlessly carries readers forward and keeps them wanting more. The exceptionally playful language follo...Read more

What Would You Do? Back to top
7-10 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

'What Would You Do?' presents 30 separate moral dilemmas, the exploration of which elicits surprisingly nuanced listening and communication skills from children. Even more striking is the depth of critical thinking and analysis kids bring into play as they ponder and respond to these carefully crafted scenarios. Each stated dilemma is one or two sentences long (for example, you learn that someone you know has stolen somet...Read more