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Fall 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Books & Magazines

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Baby Steps to STEM: Infant and Toddler Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Activities Back to top

Baby Steps to STEM is an extraordinarily well-written and accessible guidebook on how to provide children from birth to age three with learning experiences that form an optimal foundation for STEM learning. The first three chapters offer readers a concise yet remarkably expansive background on principles and concepts relating to early childhood learning and development. The balance of the book consists of 60 play-based, d...Read more

beanz Back to top
Price $ 6.00/issue, $29.99/yr (U.S.), $35/yr (outside U.S.)
By Owl Hill Media, LLC
5-18 yrs
Parents Favorite Products

An already standout publication just got better. beanz (formerly Kids, Code, and Computer Science magazine) is a bi-monthly online and print magazine about learning to code, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives. The writing and new design is top notch throughout - crisp, clear, and enlightening with a perpetually playful bent that frequently elicits young readers' smiles and keeps them glued to t...Read more

Beyond the Flannel Board: Story-Retelling Strategies Across the Curriculum Back to top

This marvelously fresh and insightful book places story retelling front and center as an educational tool through which a host of essential skills can be promoted in young children: enhanced vocabulary, communication, and comprehension skills, improved conceptual thinking, social-emotional development, numbers, STEM skills, and more! The book is carefully structured in two parts, the first of which delves into key concept...Read more

Dare to Compare Math Level 2 Back to top
11-12 yrs.
Brain Child

This collection of 150 problems asks students to perform calculations to make a comparison and come to a decision. While the calculation-based comparison format is consistent throughout, the wide-ranging problems incorporate a variety of math concepts including ratios, fractions, percentages, proportions, 2D and 3D geometry, graphing, algebraic reasoning, patterns, probability, statistics and more. The process of analyzin...Read more

My First Piano Book Back to top

In addition to being loads of fun, this book with a built-in functioning piano is an exceptional educational tool. The keyboard contains surprisingly robust features. For starters, it is tuned to A440 pitch just like a full-sized piano and has keys that extend one and a half octaves from C below middle C to the G above, a total of 20 keys. The keyboard is marked with numbers and letters so that kids can start playing the ...Read more

PBS KIDS 100 Words for Toddlers Back to top
2-3 yrs.
Brain Child

This colorful board book gives parents and caretakers a playful and engaging way to make the most of the fact that 2- to 3-year-olds are constantly absorbing language at an astonishing rate. By that age, youngsters already understand far more than most of us realize, and the benefits of capitalizing on that window of rapid verbal growth cannot be overstated. 100 Words for Toddlers is chock-full of images, each accompanied...Read more

PBS KIDS Turn the Key: Around the World Back to top

This interactive board book is a genuine adventure of fun and learning, one through which kids glean fascinating facts about the peoples and customs of faraway lands while learning new words (and their pronunciations) in a variety of languages. Gorgeous full color photographs display abodes of all sorts - a ger (pronounced gair) in Mongolia, a woonark (VOHN-ark) in Amsterdam, a bamboo house in Bangladesh, and more. To dis...Read more

PBS KIDS Turn the Key: On the Farm Back to top
0 - 3 Yrs.
Brain Child

Turn the Key: On the Farm is an incredibly fun way for children to discover life on the farm - the animals, the sounds, the thriving life and bustling activities! This board book's super thick pages are graced with playfully descriptive sentences, stunning full color photos, and a special feature that lets kids take each mini-adventure a step further! A yellow plastic key attached to the book's cover can be used to open b...Read more

Reindolphins - A Christmas Tale Back to top
4-10 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

This utterly charming tale of Santa's efforts to find animals to help deliver gifts during his ailing Reindeers' (chicken pox!) absence is as amusing as it is heartwarming. That the droves of applicants for the job must pass a test produces wildly hilarious results. It turns out that having elephants land on your roof leads to unpleasant complications. Skunks, too, turn out to be less than optimal, as anyone with a nose w...Read more

Scribfolio Dry Erase Back to top
Scribfolio Dry Erase
Price $ 13.99
By Scribfolio
Best Creative Fun

Scribfolio Dry Erase is an ingenious approach to creativity, artistic expression and fun! Each page contains an abstract art-like scribble in which the eye of the beholder is assured of seeing all kinds of possibilities. The magic lies in choosing one of those mental visions to embellish and evolve into something all your own. Add lines, shapes, eyes, wings, claws, create your own characters and critters - whatever strike...Read more

Vocabulary Riddles Book I Back to top
9-14 yrs.
Brain Child

This highly entertaining book offers up a feast of fun, vocabulary-boosting riddles for readers to decipher. Each of the cleverly constructed riddles incorporates four vocabulary words, many of which appear on ACT and SAT vocabulary lists. Each riddle is followed by a series of questions through which the reader is led to analyze the vocabulary using definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and parts of speech. The final question...Read more