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Fall 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Parent & Child

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Kudo Banz Back to top
Kudo Banz
Price $ 29.95
By Kudo Banz
3-7 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

Kudo Banz is an effective and easy-to-use parenting tool that uses positive reinforcement and cleverly imagined rewards to help shape children's behavior. The gratifying results include greater cooperation and more fun for the entire family! The excitement kicks off with a full-color storybook through which kids discover Kudos, fun-themed charms that attach to a colorful band worn on the child's wrist. Each time all three...Read more

Little bamBAM Back to top
Little bamBAM
Price $ 13.90
By Bambeado
0-24 mo.
Parents Favorite Products

This delightful silicone teething toy offers an abundance of shapes and textures for baby to explore, a feast for sore gums that is as entertaining as it is relief-giving. Available in several bright colors, Little bamBAM's playful giraffe design exerts an almost magnetic pull on baby's attention. Little one's can't seem to get enough of chewing on the ears, legs and horns, which are sized just right for small hands and m...Read more

Palm Grasp Fork & Spoon Set Back to top
12 mo.+
Parents Favorite Products

Parents and children alike showed avid appreciation for the playful, appealing design and ease of use the Marcus & Marcus Palm Grasp Fork & Spoon Set brings to the table. The unique design of these utensils' handles, in particular, was a revelation that enabled toddlers to hold and manipulate them with ease right from the start. The soft-grip, animal-shaped handles (made with BPA-free and phthalate-free food-grade silicon...Read more

SwaddleDesigns Silky Infinity Nursing Scarf Viscose from Bamboo Back to top

The high quality of this imported infinity nursing scarf is evident at a glance. And while the functional design of this silky soft muslin scarf makes it an ideal way for Mom to secure full-coverage privacy while breastfeeding her child, its comfort and elegance give it the look and feel of a highly desirable fashion accessory. The premium quality 100% Viscose from Bamboo features a designer print painted by Lynette Damir...Read more

Twisting Beads made from Sustainable Wood Back to top

These colorful Twisting Beads exert an almost magnetic pull on a young one's attention. The eight wooden beads, made from natural, sustainable wood with water-based paints, are connected by a very strong elastic string that holds them in a close but easily manipulable cluster. The pleasure with which children physically explore the beads quickly evolves into fascination as they twist, pull and shape the colorful spheres i...Read more