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Spring 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Parent & Child

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Baby Banana Corn Cob Toothbrush Back to top
3-12 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

This 100% silicone toothbrush for teething babies has an ingenious and utterly charming look and feel that immediately captures and holds little ones' attention. That ingenuity includes the clever functionality of the corn cob design in which every detail seems to have been carefully thought out and nothing goes to waste. The soft, flexible single-piece toothbrush has looping corn husks that form the perfect handles for t...Read more

Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush Back to top
3-12 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

The fun banana design of this teething toothbrush makes for an enticing and entertaining way to provide soothing relief to teething babies while promoting the development of good oral hygiene at an early age. Little ones gravitate to its playful look and feel, eagerly grasping the easy-hold handles formed by the yellow peel that loops down on either side of the toothbrush. The soft, flexible 100% silicone design provides ...Read more

Baby Banana Octopus Toothbrush Back to top

Little ones are easily captivated by the bumps, nubs and bristle-like sections that adorn the surface of both sides of this 100% silicone combination teether/toothbrush. The variety of carefully wrought textures serves both to soothe and entertain teething babies for hours on end. Two pairs of limbs form loops on either side of the octopus, easy-to-grasp handles for little ones to hold while exploring the varying terrain ...Read more

Baby Banana Shark Toothbrush Back to top
3-24 mos.
Parents Favorite Products

With this delightfully playful shark-shaped teether/toothbrush, Baby Banana once again demonstrates a remarkable ability to design oral health products that captivate and soothe little ones. Every element serves a purpose beyond the obvious visual appeal - an array of fins that make for easy grasping and holding, a dense set of shark's teeth that are actually soft bristles with which to gently massage teething gums, open ...Read more

EleFriend Toothbrush by Baby Banana Back to top
2-4 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

EleFriend Toothbrush is extraordinarily well-suited for youngsters transitioning from teething/training toothbrushes to ADA recommended nylon bristles. Toddlers become quickly enamored of the adorable elephant design, a factor that goes a long way towards making brushing time a happy time for all. Just as important, EleFriend Toothbrush's soft, bendable design is safer than hard toothbrush's and prevents biting down or br...Read more

MBP33XL Digital Video Baby Monitor Back to top
0-4 yrs
Parents Favorite Products

This 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless digital video baby monitor scores high in features, functionality and ease of use. The portable Parent Unit functions as control center, with a 3.5" diagonal color screen that lets parents keep eyes on their child at a distance of up to 1,000 feet. The Baby Unit transmits audio and visuals to the Parent Unit, with infrared night vision that activates in low light and transmits clear visuals even...Read more

MBP36XL Digital Video Baby Monitor Back to top
0-4 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

The MBP36XL Portable Video Baby Monitor includes and extends the many great features of the MBP33XL (see separate review above) while adding several fine touches that set it apart. The most immediate difference is screen size, with the MBP36XL measuring in with a whopping 5" Diagonal Color Screen. That jump in size has the impact of generating more expansive video coverage and enhanced ergonomic navigation with an excepti...Read more

MBP667CONNECT Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi Internet Viewing Back to top

The MBP667CONNECT is loaded with great features that help parents achieve peace of mind, both around the house and when away from home. Chief among these is the ability to keep eyes and ears on young ones at a distance. When at home, Mom and Dad can use the portable, handheld Parent Unit's wireless technology and 2.8-inch diagonal color screen and audio to keep tabs on children or interact with them at a distance of up to...Read more

MBP845CONNECT Digital Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi Internet Viewing Back to top

Motorola's MBP845CONNECT retains the many fine features found in their MBP667CONNECT product (see separate review above) but with a big leap up in screen size to a 5 inch diagonal color screen on the portable Parent Unit and improved ergonomic navigation. The other great features are still abundant - wireless technology: 2.4 GHz FHSS (for local viewing with a 1,000ft range) with expandability up to 4 Baby Units, remote HD...Read more

Smart Nursery 7 Portable Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Back to top

Smart Nursery 7 sits at the apex of the rich selection of portable video baby monitors available from Motorola. Its whopping 7-inch diagonal color screen and touch-screen functionality let parents look in on their child from any location. Monitoring room temperature, humidity, sound, and motion activity couldn't be easier, and remote tilt, pan and zoom let parents visually roam the child's room at a distance. Motion detec...Read more