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Fall 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Mobile Apps

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Bob Books Spin and Spell Back to top
3-5 yrs.
Brain Child

Bob Books Spin and Spell is a wonderfully structured and entertaining learning environment through which early readers acquire the tools to become successful spellers while mastering 50 new words. Youngsters spin an onscreen dial to select the correct letter to complete each word, gradually progressing through several levels of play. Each time a word is correctly completed, an image of the object or action is colored in o...Read more

LeapFrog Academy Back to top
LeapFrog Academy
Price $ 5.99 or 7.99 per month (varies based on platform)
By LeapFrog
3-6 yrs.
Brain Child

LeapFrog Academy is a delightful and entertaining interactive learning program that contains a startlingly large number of play and learning activities. Young ones quickly find themselves engaged in educational games, puzzles, videos, music, art and more. Eye-catching animation, wonderfully immersive play experiences and plentiful rewards keep young ones excitedly coming back for more fun and learning. Separate profiles c...Read more

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues Back to top
5-8 yrs.
Brain Child

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues is a wonderful mix of animated adventure, mystery and interactive fun and learning. When Nancy is invited to participate in the Harrington Prep Tech Fair, she brings her latest project, a programmable robot puppy. When another participant's project goes missing, Nancy and friends leap into action, investigating one clue at a time. New clues are continually discovered, leading to a variety of susp...Read more

Piccoli Zoo Back to top
Piccoli Zoo
Price $ Free
By Piccoli Horses
Brain Child

Piccoli Zoo is an outstanding free educational app that helps preschool- and kindergarten-aged children develop verbal and language skills. The interface, which includes gorgeous full color photos and icon kids tap and swipe, is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Kids enjoy a delightful zoo adventure in which they see and learn the names of a variety of animals as well words for the sounds the creatures make and the ac...Read more

Skybrary Family Back to top
Skybrary Family
Price $ 4.99/mo. or 39.99/yr.
By RRKidz Inc, the Home of Reading Rainbow
2-9 yrs.
Brain Child

Skybrary Family is an interactive library of digital books and video field trips that takes children on countless journeys of learning and exploration. With more than 600 children's books available and more titles being added continually, Skybrary maintains a remarkable level of quality throughout. The platform itself is highly entertaining and deeply engaging. Kids take virtual balloon rides to any of several islands suc...Read more

Timex Time Machines Mobile App Back to top
Timex Time Machines Mobile App
Price $ 0 (Absolutely Free!)
By Timex
5-9 yrs.
Brain Child

Developed with the experts from Scholastic, the Timex Time Machines Mobile App is a fabulously fun and effective way for children to learn and reinforce their time-telling skills. It is absolutely free of charge, with no ads, no commercials and no in-app purchases whatsoever. Kids can choose between two interactive modes of play. Learning Mode features a range of time-related concepts (clockwise/counterclockwise, A.M./P.M...Read more