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Winter 2018 Tillywig Award Winners

Toys & Games

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BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book Back to top
BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book
Price $ 17.99
Parents Favorite Products

BabyGUND Flappy Soft Book provides an abundance of sensory-pleasing features that young ones can't seem to resist. Rich colors, supple shapes, soft, silky textures and crinkly sounds stimulate and reward the child's curiosity with visual, tactile and auditory surprises. Flappy the Elephant's face and the words 'Hello Baby' are embroidered on the front cover, while the back displays Flappy from behind (including an easy-to...Read more

Book Reader Animal Kingdom Back to top

Book Reader Animal Kingdom provides an exciting and entertaining educational experience for early readers. The skillfully designed blend of hardcover book and electronic learning features allows children to read on their own or interactively explore each page using the buttons and animal paw affixed to the right hand side of the book. By flipping the paw to touch any page, kids hear the contents read aloud, accompanied by...Read more

Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether Back to top

Young ones find Daisy Spin Rattle 'N Teether to be endlessly fascinating fun, and no wonder, with so much to see and so much to do! This compact, portable plaything comes packed with visual, tactile and auditory pleasures that keep young children delightedly investigating its every detail. The daisy's 5 petals offer a variety of colors, textures and activities that invite and inspire physical exploration - rings that slid...Read more

Day 'N Night Elephant Pal Back to top

The Day 'N Night Elephant Pal keeps young ones captivated with its array of eye-catching colors and patterns, inviting textures and audio visual effects. The mix of physical and electronic features provides stimulating activities to which children respond by exploring every little detail. The mirror reflects the baby's visage but also functions as a screen on which light-up animal images appear (cat, dog, bird or frog) ac...Read more

Doll Sized Chef's Kitchen and Accessories Back to top

This wonderful doll-sized kitchen play set fires up children's imaginations with its delightfully life-like level of detail. Visually, the kitchen looks much like the real thing, miniaturized. Youngsters respond to it by immediately launching into extensive pretend play, spinning spontaneous storylines that utilize the set's pots, pans, cooking accessories, and implements. The kitchen area includes a back wall and a sink,...Read more

Drive 'N Learn Playmat Back to top

Drive 'N Learn Playmat inspires young ones to explore sights and sounds while delighting and fascinating them with interactive cause and effect. The illustrated playmat displays a busy town, its roads and terrain populated with parents, children, vehicles and key locations (a playground, police station, train station, grocery store and much more). Children use the set's push along car to explore the town. As the 4-wheeled...Read more

Emotion Tiles Back to top
12 mo.+
Brain Child

Emotion Tiles is a fabulous way for parents and educators to promote strong social and emotional development in young children. Each of the set's 20 disk-shaped tiles displays a photograph of either an adult or child whose facial expression conveys a specific feeling: happy, tired, angry, silly or sad. The accompanying activity sheet presents activities and games that include imitation, matching, memory matching, and the ...Read more

Flip It - Projector & Night Light Back to top

Children find this compact, cleverly designed product to be an enjoyable source of entertainment and relaxation at bedtime or anytime. The playfully futuristic-looking unit, which has a projector at one end and a night light at the other, is housed on a detachable stand that allows it to be swiveled 360 degrees. Pressing the 'on' button once casts light through the projector end, twice illuminates the nightlight, and thre...Read more

Four Seasons 4-in-a-Box Puzzle Set Back to top
2-5 yrs.
Top Fun

This set of four distinct and equally charming puzzles in a single box delights youngsters with its colorful illustrations of seasonal family fun and varying levels of difficulty. Each gorgeously illustrated puzzle displays a mama fox and her child enjoying an outdoor activity in a different season - winter ice skating, a spring picnic, fall frolicking among the leaves, and lounging in the water on a warm summer day. Each...Read more

Garden Insects Back to top
18 mo.+
Brain Child

Little ones readily respond to the 5 vibrantly detailed, oversized garden insects in this set with intense curiosity and a strong desire to investigate their similarities and differences. The insects' widely varying shapes, colors and other physical characteristics inspire hands-on fun that blends visual and manual exploration with deeply imaginative pretend play. The appealing otherworldliness of these common bugs offers...Read more

Grandpa Beck's Cover Your Assets Back to top

Cover Your Assets is a fast-moving, wildly entertaining card game that offers players the deep satisfaction of accumulating wealth and stealing that of their opponents. In whirlwind fashion, players stack asset pairs from their hands on the table where they're worth $$ at game's end but are also vulnerable to acquisition by opponents. Frequent challenges occur in which one player attempts to steal another's asset and that...Read more

Grandpa Beck's The Bears and the Bees Back to top

The Bears and the Bees is an addictively fun, fast-paced card game in which luck, skill and strategy all play a part in determining who wins and who loses. Players take turns adding honeycomb shaped cards from their hands to an ever-expanding hive, with the requirement that at least two sides of each card played touch, and match the color of, the sides of cards in the existing hive. Plentiful twists and turns keep things ...Read more

Helio Children's Educational Night Light Projection System Back to top

Helio is an award-winning educational night light projection system that instantly captivates and calms children with its soothing light and varied content. Placing any of the 5 included discs on top of the Helio unit projects entertaining and enlightening images and words onto the ceiling - the sun and planets, life under the sea, animal facts, and more! Youngster's minds ponder and wander dreamily as they take it all i...Read more

i-Poster My Body Back to top

i-Poster My Body offers kids a way to interactively discover and explore a good deal of knowledge and detail about the human body. Each of the four touch-activated talking posters included with the set displays brightly colored imagery and nomenclature for a different anatomical layer - My Body, My Muscles, My Organs and My Bones. In Learn Mode, pressing the button next to any label for a specific body part elicits a high...Read more

i-Poster My Learning Board Back to top

Young ones practice and develop an abundance of wide-ranging skills with the i-Poster My Learning Board, a touch activated talking poster whose entertainment value keeps kids coming back for more fun and learning. The incredibly intuitive layout and interface puts everything at children's fingertips. All they have to do is press and learn - letters, numbers, spelling, math, word pronunciation and meaning, logic, problem s...Read more

i-Poster My USA Interactive Map Back to top

i-Poster My USA Interactive Map provides children with an extraordinarily fun way to learn about the 50 states. This interactive, touch-activated talking map puts more than 500 facts about the United States of America at kids' fingertips, including things like climate, geography, earth science, trivia, fun facts and more! Several different function buttons let children choose between play modes and the type of information...Read more

i-Poster My WORLD Interactive Map Back to top

Kids find this interactive talking map to be an especially fun and engaging way to learn about the world. The colorful, detailed poster, with its built-in, high quality speaker, can be hung on a wall or used as a playmat on the floor. Either way, youngsters have access to over 1,000 facts and questions regarding 92 countries. Learning is as simple as touching the name of the country, with several different function button...Read more

INNO Pad My Fun Lessons Back to top

INNO Pad My Fun Lessons is an interactive touch pad that makes it easy and enjoyable for children to learn about a broad range of essential topics. By inserting any of the 16 interactive pages atop the touch pad, kids can explore shapes, colors, numbers, math, measurements, time, transportation, the solar system and more. Each page is loaded with colorful illustrations and offers two learning modes from which to choose. L...Read more

Learning Clock Back to top
Brain Child

This interactive talking clock is a highly engaging and entertaining way for children to learn to tell time and develop other important skills. In Time Mode, kids simply move the hour and/or minute hand, then press the circle button to hear the time spoken aloud. In Quiz Mode, the clock asks the child to set specific times on the clock and uses colored flashing lights and playful sound effects to indicate whether or not ...Read more

Magnetic Animal Habitat Set Back to top

The Magnetic Animal Habitat Set offers youngsters an abundance of rich and rewarding play experiences. Each of the set's 6 magnetic habitat boards comes with 6 animal magnets that are indigenous to that particular habitat, setting the stage for a broad array of learning experiences. An included set of 8.5-inch X 5.5-inch activity cards comes loaded with animal facts and fun, diverse activities that include sorting, storyt...Read more

Magnetykes Back to top
Price $ 19.95
By Magnetykes, LLC
Top Fun

Magnetykes are an outstandingly fun and entertaining way for children to learn about the wonders of magnetism. Each Magnetykes set includes a magnetic plastic figure and vehicle along with a magnetic wrench. The 14-page full color comic that accompanies each set tells the story of how the Magnetykes (robot-like, sentient creatures brought to life by an ancient magnet) came to be, a playful, fascinating origin story that h...Read more

Medium Backpack - About Friends Melange Grey Back to top
3-7 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

This well-crafted backpack has plentiful features, functionality and a visual appeal that exerts its charm on children and parents alike. Of particular interest to many a mom and dad is the product's sustainability due to the use of Repreve recycled fabric in its production. Kids love the compact size, adjustable comfort fit, and the ease with which they can stow and carry a wide array of items in the backpack's well-appo...Read more

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