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Fall 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

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3D Play Set: The Cube & Creatorz Back to top

This new construction toy from Strictly Briks serves up a bounty of creative fun and exploration. The set includes 6 large, hinged baseplates that connect to one another to form a sizable cube. Kids can then use any of the set's 60 briks to build outward and upward on multiple sides of the cube - bridges, towers, little cities, robotic creatures, strange architectural outcroppings, whatever inspiration sets in motion! Eac...Read more

Animals Of The World My Very Long Puzzle Back to top

Kids embark on an adventure of fun and learning with this 3 foot long panoramic puzzle that features animals of the world in their natural habitats. Among the puzzle's total of 30 pieces are 4 animal puzzles (penguin, fox, lion, elephant consisting of 2 to 5 pieces apiece) that can be assembled first before being fit into the larger scene. Because each of these animal puzzles has a progressively larger piece count (2 for ...Read more

Brik Buster Back to top
Brik Buster
Price $ 29.99
By Strictly Briks
Best Family Fun

The frequent explosions of glee that burst forth from kids' lips while playing Brik Buster are an excellent indicator of just how much fun this game is. Each Brik Buster set comes with enough Briks and Baseplate Platforms to build a 5-story tower. As soon as players have finished constructing one, they begin busting it down, one or more Briks at a time! Anticipatory excitement builds as players take turns using a lightwei...Read more

Children Hub Magnetic Tiles Back to top
Brain Child

This 60-piece set contains magnetic tiles in various shapes, sizes, and colors - small and big squares, cross frames, rectangles, isosceles and equilateral triangles, a 4-wheeled chassis - with which kids can quickly and easily erect a huge variety of structures. The imbedded magnets allow the tiles to immediately adhere to one another, causing castles, cubes, towers, cars, trucks, rocket ships and many a thing never befo...Read more

Circuit Builder 120 Back to top
Circuit Builder 120
Price $ 44.95
By E-Blox, Inc.
Brain Child

The Circuit Builder 120 provides children with countless hours of immersive fun and learning that would be at home in any STEM curriculum. Over the course of 120 succinct and enlightening projects, children discover how lights, alarms, motors, switches (and much more) work and even create a working FM radio! The unique design of the set's 46 parts allows kids to quickly adapt and modify their projects, moving from one to...Read more

CollEGGtibles Back to top
Price $ 9.99
By Spin Master
Top Fun

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are magical creatures that start out hidden from view inside palm-of-a-child's-hand sized eggs. To hatch one, a youngster simply holds the egg in hand and rubs the purple heart on its surface until it turns pink, then presses just above the heart. To see the expectant smile on a child's face blossom into pure joy as the speckled egg opens to reveal the soon to be treasured Hatchimal is a pleasure ...Read more

Connectrix Junior Back to top

The abundance of educational topics incorporated into this interactive electronic game make it a phenomenally fun way for children to learn while playing. Connectrix Junior's 570+ questions span subjects ranging from letters, numbers, shapes, animals, and basic math to more advanced concepts such as measuring units, coordinates, weather climates and more! There are 48 two-sided lesson cards in all, each bearing numerous ...Read more

Crayola Creative Fun 2-Sided Board Back to top

This delightful 2-sided drawing board inspires children to constant acts of hands-on creativity with its abundant features and accessories. One side is a chalkboard with eraser and colored chalk included, while the flipside is a magnetic dry-erase board on which kids put the set's 80 magnetic letters and numbers to excellent use. Lightweight and with a built-in handle for easy carrying, Crayola Creative Fun 2-sided board ...Read more

Crayola Silly Scents Bundle Back to top
Best Creative Fun

Choosing the right scent for an artwork can be as much a part of the creative process as is choosing the right color. That's because each of the markers, pencils and crayons (46 in all) in the Crayola Silly Scents Bundle gives off a delightful and surprisingly realistic scent, turning the making of arts and crafts into a truly multi-sensory experience. The bundle includes 4 different packs that offer a variety of color an...Read more

Disc Jock-e Back to top
Disc Jock-e
Price $ 24.99
By Tucker Toys
Best Family Fun

The Disc Jock-e is a very special flying disc that elevates a game of catch to new heights of outdoor fun by putting music where it counts - in the midst of all the action! A built-in Bluetooth speaker keeps the Disc Jock-e connected to your phone, tablet or computer, enabling friends and family to groove to their favorite playlists while throwing, running, jumping and catching. Many a curious bystander's head will turn w...Read more

Dreidel Dog Back to top
Dreidel Dog
Price $ 19.99
By The Mensch on a Bench
Birth & up
Top Fun

This adorable plush dalmation enchants kids of all ages with his happy smile, dreidel-shaped spots, ultra-soft floppy blue ears and cute, waggly tail! Seated, Dreidel Dog is just under nine inches tall, the perfect size for all the hugging and cuddling that commences the moment children discover his presence. This puppy also has a secret of sorts. A yellow bandana around his neck contains a special pocket in which youngst...Read more

EduQuiz Basic Set I Back to top

This electronic quiz game is one of the most enjoyable and effective educational toys we've seen, a remarkable blend of interactive fun and learning. The set's 30 lesson cards have several learning activities on either side. Inserting a card into the slot on the EduQuiz unit allows kids to answer questions by pressing images on the card. The wide-ranging activities help children develop early learning skills that include ...Read more

Emojito! Back to top
Price $ 14.99
By Tactic Games
Best Family Fun

With its cleverly conceived components, unusually well-crafted game play and an abundance of laughter-filled moments, Emojito! scores waaay big in the fun department! On each turn, a different player uses only sounds or facial expressions - sometimes both, depending on the space they're on - to demonstrate the emotion shown on their current Emotion Card. The cards themselves are utterly hilarious, a wild array of critters...Read more

Face Paint Kit For Kids - 12 Vibrant Color Mega Size Palette Back to top

Children can create dazzling artwork every time with this delightful Face Paint Kit for Kids! Just add a couple of drops of water and the colors go on rich and vibrant and stay that way for hours without having to reapply. The paint dries rapidly and can be removed quickly with a damp cloth, soapy water or baby wipes, enabling youngsters to experiment and explore to their heart's content. The set includes 12 carefully sel...Read more

Get Qurious - Explorer Box Back to top
4-8 yrs.
Brain Child

Children thrive on this ingenious blend of physical and digital fun. The Get Qurious Explorer Box comes packed with exciting hands-on components that work seamlessly in conjunction with a free Augmented Reality App to take kids on otherworldly adventures right in their own home! Youngsters scan Build-a-Story cards with their device and can then listen or read along with their story, experiencing endless variations determi...Read more

I Heart Museums Activity Book Back to top
Brain Child

This new addition to Mudpuppy's fabulous "I Heart" Activity Book series offers up a powerful blend of fascinating museum- and artwork-related knowledge with a wide range of strikingly creative activities for kids to do. Each activity immediately follows a page on which background information has been given regarding a specific museum and a historic artwork on display. Each activity relates directly to what has just been l...Read more

Ice Cream Truck Back to top
Top Fun

With Ice Cream Truck, making your own ice cream is amazingly simple and incredibly fun. After mixing up a few common ingredients and pouring them in the back of the truck, children are treated to a highly enjoyable show. At the flip of a switch, the brightly decorated truck begins rolling across the floor, playing Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer' in true ice cream truck fashion as it chills and prepares the ice cream. Smi...Read more

Illustory - Create Your Own Book! Back to top
Best Creative Fun

Everything a child needs in order to write, illustrate and publish their own hardcover book comes beautifully packaged in IlluStory - Create Your Own Book! The kit's excellent guide book ushers kids through the creative process in an enjoyably structured, easy to follow series of steps that make great results all but inevitable. It is also a wonderful educational journey through which kids learn a great deal about writing...Read more

Just Add Glue Back to top
Just Add Glue
Price $ 24.95
By Griddly Games
Brain Child

Just Add Glue is a highly enjoyable science activity kit that lets youngsters explore and learn through a series of easily doable, self-paced experiments. Kids are given a handy introduction to polymers, chemical reactions and the scientific method before immediately putting the concepts into practice by mixing up batches of goo that evolve into stretchy, bouncy putty! The included science + art booklet teaches budding sc...Read more

K'NEX IMAGINE: Power & Play Motorized Building Set Back to top

One can only marvel at the huge realm of deeply satisfying and often intricate builds the Power & Play Motorized Building Set makes possible. Included is a motor and over 530 classic K'NEX made-in-the-USA pieces that put endless play possibilities at kids' fingertips, whether authoring their own creations or following the detailed full color instructions. Those instructions show how to build a dazzling array of moving veh...Read more

K'NEX THRILL RIDES: Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set Back to top

For sheer excitement and fun, it would be difficult to top K'NEX Thrill Rides Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set. With 399 K'NEX parts and pieces at hand, kids have the pleasure of immersing themselves in a prolonged build fueled by anticipatory excitement for the adrenalized action that is to come. The finished roller coaster appears dazzlingly intricate to the eye, an effect only amplified once the air-powered motor...Read more

Learning Cube Back to top
18 mo.+
Brain Child

This educational toy does a fabulous job of engaging youngsters, stimulating and rewarding their curiosity with essential sights, sounds, songs and knowledge. The Learning Cube's high level of interactivity is a key factor in its ability to keep kids happily absorbed. Each of the cube's six sides contains a large, colored button that takes children on a different learning adventure. Kids learn the alphabet, numbers, color...Read more

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