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Fall 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Websites, Video & DVD

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App Development - Infinite Runner Back to top
9-15 yrs.
Brain Child

Kids are in for a treat with App Development - Infinite Runner, an online, self-paced course that does a phenomenal job of teaching students how to create their own commercial grade mobile game app in JavaScript using professional tools and environments. A sense of fun and excitement pervades the fast-paced lessons, making them as entertaining as they are enlightening. We can't say enough good things about Marshall, the s...Read more

Britannica Kids Back to top
Britannica Kids
Price $ 74.95/year
By Britannica Kids
Brain Child

Britannica Kids is a mobile-friendly, interactive online platform that includes 100,000+ articles and 60,000+ media assets covering a variety of curriculum subjects and standards (STEM, Common Core, and more). Be it for homework, research, making an informed point, or simply to experience the sheer joy of learning, this subscription-based service offers a wealth of information whose magnitude matches our insatiable thirst...Read more

French for Kids: Les Saisons (The Seasons) Back to top

Children find the perpetually playful mix of live action and colorful animation in this educational video to be so thoroughly entertaining that the cliche, "They're not even aware they're learning" holds true. Behind this remarkable feat is the deep care and attention Whistlefritz puts into creating their language-learning products. The immersion method (everything is spoken in French) is a highly effective approach to te...Read more

Mod Creation - The Adventure Begins Back to top
7-15 yrs.
Brain Child

This fabulous online, self-paced course teaches children to create their very own custom mods for Minecraft using the Java programming language and professional grade software development tools. More than 35 hours of fun, engaging video instruction takes students through a slew of key coding concepts - variables, parameters, methods, loops, arrays and much more. CodaKid clearly understands that the most effective way to t...Read more

Tynker Back to top
Price $ 48/quarter, $96/year, or $200 lifetime subscription
By Tynker
7-14 yrs.
Brain Child

This highly effective online learning system is chock-full of engaging courses through which children age 7 and up learn to write code while enjoying themselves immensely. The self-guided, self-paced courses make it easy for students with no prior experience to acquire increasingly sophisticated programming skills as well as logic and critical thinking abilities applicable to a broad range of disciplines. Kids start with ...Read more