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Fall 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Music & Audio

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ABC Melody Maker Back to top

ABC Melody Maker is an interactive electronic learning toy whose playful design and variable functionality make for exceptional educational fun. A cleverly designed pencil dial lets youngsters choose from among 5 dynamic play activities - Letters & Numbers, Music & Sounds, Follow Me, Letter & Number Order, and Find It! The highly engaging ABC Melody Maker asks questions, offers encouragement and cheerfully guides children...Read more

FinWiggle & Friends Back to top
Best Family Fun

The gentle rhythms and lilting melodies that grace track after track on FinWiggle & Friends reveal The Simple Seeds' knack for spreading happiness one song at a time. Children immediately gravitate to the graceful beauty of the folk style music and the way the sing-able lyrics celebrate a variety of creatures in their natural habitats. The multi-instrumental band has a distinctive, acoustic-dominant sound that merges with...Read more

LIFE CIRCLES Original Songs for Children and Families Back to top

The spectacular collection of original songs on Life Circles appeals strongly to children, parents and grandparents alike, no easy feat. Hearing the album's opener, Circle of Life, conjures images of the sun rising over a verdant hillside while conveying a strong Irish feel (anchored by bagpipes and pennywhistle) that elicits feelings of pride and unity. Sweet Potato Pie, the song that follows, offers up joyously authenti...Read more

Life on a Trampoline Back to top
Parents Favorite Products

Life on a Trampoline amply displays Randy & Dave's considerable talent for tickling the funny bones of parents and kids alike. Listeners of all ages will find themselves delighted, time and again, by story-like songs in which cleverness and silliness abound. The instrumental backing and vocals are packed with catchy melodies and genre-bending variety, at times bluesy and jazzy, at others more country- and pop-flavored. So...Read more

PicassoTiles PT49 Kid's 49-Key Flexible Roll-Up Educational Electronic Digital Music Piano Keyboard Back to top

The PT49 is a digital keyboard so light and compact that a child can easily carry it anywhere it needs to go. The space it takes up when stored is next to nothing, the entire unit rolled snugly into a cylinder roughly 5 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. When unfurled, its keys are surprisingly 3-dimensional, making the PT49 an excellent practice instrument on which children can build both the muscle memory and ear-tra...Read more

Singin' Along and Adventure Songs Back to top

There is a whole lot of fun to be had listening to this captivating collection of music for the entire family. Liveliness and humor are chief among the array of winning ingredients that get kids and parents up on their feet, dancing and singing. Familiar favorites and equally engaging original material (written by Mary Lambert) reveal an unusually high level of musicianship as the band moves fluidly through genres that in...Read more