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Winter 2017 Tillywig Award Winners

Music & Audio

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ABC Melody Maker Back to top

ABC Melody Maker is an interactive electronic learning toy whose playful design and variable functionality make for exceptional educational fun. A cleverly designed pencil dial lets youngsters choose from among 5 dynamic play activities - Letters & Numbers, Music & Sounds, Follow Me, Letter & Number Order, and Find It! The highly engaging ABC Melody Maker asks questions, offers encouragement and cheerfully guides children...Read more

FinWiggle & Friends Back to top
Best Family Fun

The gentle rhythms and lilting melodies that grace track after track on FinWiggle & Friends reveal The Simple Seeds' knack for spreading happiness one song at a time. Children immediately gravitate to the graceful beauty of the folk style music and the way the sing-able lyrics celebrate a variety of creatures in their natural habitats. The multi-instrumental band has a distinctive, acoustic-dominant sound that merges with...Read more

My Wiggle Makes Me Giggle Back to top
2-7 yrs.
Parents Favorite Products

This highly interactive album gets kids on their feet, moving and discharging energy in a productive, fun-filled way. Its vibrant, danceable songs are consistently upbeat, both musically and thematically, and engage kids in a way that is simultaneously free-spirited and purposeful. Many of the tunes (I Can! Can You?, Follow the Leader, Gotta Hug Myself, Do What I Do, . . .) guide young listeners through a series of physic...Read more

PicassoTiles PT49 Kid's 49-Key Flexible Roll-Up Educational Electronic Digital Music Piano Keyboard Back to top

The PT49 is a digital keyboard so light and compact that a child can easily carry it anywhere it needs to go. The space it takes up when stored is next to nothing, the entire unit rolled snugly into a cylinder roughly 5 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. When unfurled, its keys are surprisingly 3-dimensional, making the PT49 an excellent practice instrument on which children can build both the muscle memory and ear-tra...Read more