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Logiq Tower

Logiq Tower
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2013

Great Circle Works

There is something extremely gratifying about this brainteaser, in part because you can sense your mental muscles growing stronger as you play. And it feels mighty good to flex that newfound brainpower. Even children and adults with admittedly poor spatial skills expressed experiencing rapid shifts in how they visualized the pieces and approached solving the puzzle after just a small amount of time with it. Logiq Tower consists of a wooden base with a post jutting straight up from it. The goal is to layer combinations of some or all of the 15 different-shaped green, red, and blue pieces around the central rod such that the result is a cylindrical tower without any gaps in it. A tower can be from two to five layers high, and the level of difficulty varies with the tower's height. That there are literally thousands of possible solutions to the taller towers adds to the fun and excitement while stimulating both critical and creative thinking skills. And if that's not enough, this product was made using recycled & recyclable materials, chemical free rubber-wood, and water-based, non-toxic dyes.