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41116 SD - Morphun Levers Single Set in Tub

41116 SD - Morphun Levers Single Set in Tub
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Thinkplay Ltd. T/A Morphun

Morphun's patented side joining plastic construction bricks can be used to quickly and easily build a massive array of shapes and structures, making them an effective and popular educational tool. Parents, teachers, and children find this particular set an ideal way to explore the effects of levers on movement. The creativity, curiosity, and fun kids experience while doing so brings them to the table again and again to experiment with the positioning of a variety of fulcrums and levers. The set's lesson plans and work cards make approaching the topic in a structured way a simple matter. Kids build, play, and learn, having fun all the while. Step by step illustrations show how to use the bricks to construct a seesaw, a wheelbarrow, scissors, and a variety of other tools and structures that demonstrate the usefulness and prevalence of levers in our daily lives. The set comes packaged in a handy, reusable, durable plastic tub for easy storage and transport.