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Price $15.99
By Gamewright
8 +
Top Toy

Part of what makes Scallywags such great fun is its simplicity and variety. And of course there are the gold coins (40 to be exact), which figure prominently in game-play. The coins are dumped in the middle at the outset, face up or down, however they land. On each turn, a player does one of 3 things 1) Take one face down coin, or 2) Play one action card, or 3) Discard one card and pass. The variety stems from the numerous actions at your disposal from the cards in your hand, which include taking, swapping, stealing, or blocking the theft of - you guessed it - gold coins. When you take a coin from the middle or from a another player, it becomes part of your take, and whoever has the largest take at the end is the winner. You'll love the hilarious pirate illustrations on the cards, and there's never a dull moment - players employ deduction, math, and visual discrimination skills in acquiring their bounty. All in a day's work for you and your fellow pirates! For 2 to 6 players.