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Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Fun in Motion Toys

mozi is jaw-droppingly entertaining to watch and even more fun to do, a set of intertwining metallic rings with near-magical qualities that let even first time users amaze friends and family. Simply insert your hand through the rings and raise your arm. mozi springs to life, spinning continuously as it travels up and down one arm, from one arm to the other, or from one person's arm to another's. There is no power source other than gravity and the wearer's movements. mozi's fluid-looking, intricate motion inspires children to engage in graceful, dance-like moves while mozi traverses their limbs, spontaneous showmanship that feels good physically and adds to the dazzlement of onlookers. Kids tend to play happily with mozi for hours at a time whether or not there is an audience, kept thoroughly and happily entertained by the free-flowing, improvisatory nature of the fun and their ever-growing sense of skill and mastery.