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Phantoms Thinking Putty

Phantoms Thinking Putty
Top Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2014

Crazy Aaron's Puttworld

Once you get your hands on Phantoms Thinking Putty, you may never want to put it down. Each tin contains a whopping handful with several exhilarating properties, some of which border on the magical. The niftiest of these is that any part of the putty exposed to UV light immediately changes color, a fact that opens a whole range of play possibilities. Sunlight is one way to do it, but there is no need to rely on the sun. Each Phantoms Thinking Putty comes with its own blacklight keychain that lets you paint and draw on the putty with light. Hold the blacklight close to the putty to create strong, thin lines, or back it away to create broader, paint-like strokes. Withdraw the light completely and the putty reverts to its natural off-white in about a minute. Phantoms Thinking Putty is also stretchable, bounceable, rippable, kneadable, and moldable - which means you can sculpt and draw or craft several mini-creations at once. Placing objects, cutouts, or transparencies on the putty before UV exposure creates shadow art, and any kind of light causes it to glow in the dark for hours afterward. This world class silicone putty never dries out and is currently available in two new colors - Foxfire and Arctic Flare.