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My Fairy Garden - Bean Blossom

My Fairy Garden - Bean Blossom
Best Creative Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017


This utterly enchanting playset captivates and activates children's imaginations with its otherworldly charm and distinctive features. A pair of beans that come with the set grow into real lima bean plants, and each bean comes stamped with inspiring words that vary from set to set and become part of the greenery as the plant grows. Designed as a colorful watering can, the playset is home to the fairy Misty and her companion frog Fifi. It has a door that opens, a real swing for Misty to sit in, and a trellis to support the beanstalk. Assembly is fast and easy, allowing kids to quickly set about the joyful activities of planting and playing. With a little nurturing care, the beanstalk is soon growing tall. There are other fine features, such as a cord that can connect Misty to the watering can handle and make it appear as though she is flying. Includes 3-piece Watering Can, Swing with Hook, 2 Beans, Soil, Watering Bucket, Gardening Tool, Misty the Fairy, Fifi the Frog, Flying Cord and Leaflet.