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Get Qurious - Explorer Box

Get Qurious - Explorer Box
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Get Qurious
4-8 yrs.

Children thrive on this ingenious blend of physical and digital fun. The Get Qurious Explorer Box comes packed with exciting hands-on components that work seamlessly in conjunction with a free Augmented Reality App to take kids on otherworldly adventures right in their own home! Youngsters scan Build-a-Story cards with their device and can then listen or read along with their story, experiencing endless variations determined by the cards they select. Kids can don any of the set's 4 delightful character masks and record their own videos in Mask Play. Build-a-Spaceship cards send young rocketeers blasting off into an exciting 3D universe in which they navigate oncoming asteroids. Scanning either side of the set's Treasure Hunt mats takes them on an animated 3D hunt for hidden treasures. The educational benefits of all this variety-filled fun include science, technology, reading, art and math learning, motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, imaginative & pretend play and more!