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The Magnificent Sprinkles Keepsake Gift Set

The Magnificent Sprinkles Keepsake Gift Set
Sterling Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2015

Pea Ridge Productions
3-9 yrs.

Fear is a healthy emotion, and children, as they develop, need help expressing and coping with common fears they experience from day to day. The Magnificent Sprinkles are happy, friendly creatures with special powers that provide a source of comfort and strength to children. This gift set includes a plush Magnificent Sprinkle toy and a hard cover illustrated book detailing the story of where Sprinkles come from and how Grandma Leah makes sure each Sprinkle gets to the child who needs that particular Sprinkle's special power. There's NEA, SAM, LACI, and CAZI. Each of these Sprinkles provides a distinct form of comfort and strength, symbolized by the colored stone in its heart and spread to the child through the Power Band it wears on one leg. The Sprinkles (and the book's rich details) help children access self-comfort and confidence while providing parents with a context for addressing their child's fears in a relaxed, natural way.